We translate data into an experience.

Domestic Data Streamers is a team of designers and researchers from Barcelona. We develop and propose new methods centered in co-creation and interaction based on local language and a hands-on experience. We create real time data installations in spaces, interacting with the people and that which surrounds them.


DHUB Barcelona
Liquid Statistics
Saló de l'Ensenyament
Data Furniture
Teatre Principal
Golden Age
Ús Barcelona Art and Public Space Festival
Behance Reviews
Moritz Factory
Spoon vs. Fork
SWAB International Contemporary Art Fair
Yes vs No
Street Installation

Next event on May 9th
Come and see our next project at the exhibition
Big Bang Data at CCCB, Centre de Cultura Contemporànea de Barcelona.


If you ever feel the need to count something or visualize it, don't hesitate to contact us.


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