Skeptic Reader

A plug-in to detect online bias and flawed logic

In an age of misinformation, in which the credibility of our press is more dubious than ever, how do we ensure that we are making truly informed decisions? There is no doubt that AI can help with this, but we must also be wary of totally delegating our powers of discernment to an algorithm. The implications of this could be huge, so we wanted to explore further.  

Our research led us to create an experimental piece of software. SkepticReader is a free plugin for Google Chrome browsers that reads the news and generates a critical review of it, identifying logical fallacies and observable bias and giving counterarguments to each piece of the news.


The Skeptic Reader allows you to cut through the noise of the headlines, and see logical fallacies and potential bias laid out in simple terms, so you can come to your own conclusions with this in mind. 

The Skeptic Reader

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