Privacy Policy

Last updated: 31/4/24

Greetings, Earthlings and others who might be browsing! Welcome to ,  the digital homestead of Domestic Data Streamers (legally known as BYFACILITY, S.L. but let’s keep it friendly). This document is less about the secret recipe to our success and more about how we handle the digital breadcrumbs you leave behind - spoiler alert: very carefully and with respect.


The Basics: What We Collect and Why

Contrary to popular belief, we’re not in the business of collecting your secrets. Our website is designed to be as non-intrusive as a ghost browsing through the stacks in a library. However, we use Fathom Analytics - think of it as the cookie-less, privacy-first cousin of Google Analytics. Why? Because we like to know what works well on our site without being creepy about it.


  • Anonymized Data Only: Your personal story remains yours alone. We’re just looking at the collective narrative.
  • No Cookies, No Crumbs: Fathom doesn’t track individuals or munch on cookies, making your visit to our site as unobtrusive as a whisper.


The Use of Your Digital Footprints

Your anonymized data is like a postcard without an address: it tells us a story without revealing who sent it. We use this to improve our website, ensuring it remains as appealing as a well-curated art gallery but as accessible as your favourite local café.


Third-Party Links: The Neighborhood

Like any good neighbour, we occasionally point you to other places that pique your interest. However, we're like friends who recommend a restaurant but haven’t tried every dish. In other words, once you click on a third-party link and leave our site, we can’t vouch for the privacy practices of these other domains. So, take a peek at their privacy policies, too.


Legal Jargon Made Digestible

Using Fathom for its commitment to privacy is also a way for us to comply with privacy laws like GDPR without making us yawn. In essence, our legal basis for processing this anonymized data is our legitimate interest in understanding how our website performs without compromising your privacy.


Your Voice in This

Questions, concerns, or just want to chat about the weather? Reach out to us at or drop by our physical realm at Carrer Papin 33, Barcelona 08028. We’re as friendly in person as we are in digital form.


Company Credentials for Those Who Love Details:

  • Official Name: Domestic Data Streamers (BYFACILITY, S.L. for the bureaucrats)
  • Tax ID: B66474743
  • Official Lair: Carrer Papin 33, Barcelona 08028
  • Registry Info: Registro Mercantil de Barcelona, Tomo: 44681, Folio: 183, Hoja: B-463365, Inscripción: 1.