Spin offs

In 2019, DDS implemented a cap of 30 team members, aiming to maintain stringent quality while ensuring the team remained nimble and quick in developing what we believe are important projects. Since this decision, DDS has expanded in diverse directions, embracing alternative initiatives for growth within other formats.

Air Quality Research

16 Times

Sixteen times is the average number of times that we breathe in a minute; the spin-off was founded to develop solutions to reverse air pollutants' impact in in hospitals and schools. The initiative has raised over 500k€ from public innovation and research funds so far and is assisting schools and hospitals in Barcelona with both air quality monitoring and design solutions since 2022.

16 Times website

Arts & Medicine Initiative

Synthetic Memories

Synthetic Memories is a research, community, and arts initiative using AI image generation to recover lost or undocumented visual memories from the past. The team has developed research lines in therapeutic setups for dementia patients and built a public office for any citizen to reconstruct lost or never-undocumented visual memories in the Design Museum of Barcelona.

Synthetic Memories website (Opens in new tab)

University Program

Master’s in Data and Design

The Master in Data and Design is a Masters's program based in Elisava School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona, designed by the studio to bring the 360º knowledge of the studio into a one-year experience for postgraduates since 2019

Master’s in Data and Design website (Opens in new tab)
Master in Data and Design

Art Residency Program

Hey Human!

Hey Human! opened in 2021 as a nonprofit artists-in-residence program based in Barcelona that provides time and space for inventors, artists and researchers to create, experiment, and cultivate new directions in their practice within DDS spaces. Since 2023, it has worked in collaboration with the Goethe Institute.

Hey Human website (Opens in new tab)

GEN-AI Digitalization

Cedra Trust

In December 2023, Domestic Data Streamers, after years of researching potential AI applications, launched Cedra Trust with the goal of ensuring safe AI deployments and developing ethical frameworks to transparently and honestly reveal the actual impact.

Cedra AI website (Opens in new tab)