Why these misrepresented machine breakers of the 19th century have found new relevance in the era of AI.

  • Pau Garcia . Founding Partner

It is clear that AI is a valuable tool you could use to finish assignments more quickly, but what would be lost in that process? The Atlantic recently declared that “The College Essay Is Dead,” and although I disagree, this calls for further exploration.

After a month of collecting messages (and a few crazy nights analysing them to turn the individual testimonies into data) there’s a lot we’d like to share with you after our first iteration of the #730hours initiative

This article was part of the exhibition and Book Design Does: For Better and for worse. It explores the rapidly evolving relationship between data and design.

An excerpt from the introduction to our Design Does book, which accompanied the exhibition. It looks at how the design process of the baby's pacifier exemplifies our quest to live better... but at what cost?

As we waited for Covid to allow us to share our exhibition on Feminism, we wrote this article on the importance of asking the right questions when we want to generate data that tells stories on complex issues like feminism.