7.5 Million Futures

Physical data visualisations to understand Catalunya today

A common future is nothing more than the merge of several individual ideas of what is going to come. That was the main idea behind the 7.5 Million Futures exhibition.

7.5 Million Futures is an exhibition that visualises how the Catalan territory is doing today from an economic, educational, social, productivity and political perspective that has arrived in an agitated moment in time. We’ve had the responsibility to talk about the past, present and future of 7.5 million inhabitants of this territory.

Making ethnographic reports meaningful

This exhibition aims to materialise information that for a very long time has been relegated to political and ethnographic reports; its goal is to bring them closer to the general audience on a public sphere. We created a narrative storyline to give sense to the data displayed and we made it relatable, talking, for example, about the most used names in Catalonia and visualising the real time births in the country, as well as the number of books edited in the most common languages or how big the gender gap is in salaries.

7.5 Million Futures

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