CAN: Community Arts Network

A community that champions art as a force for change

CAN are on a mission that’s close to our hearts. They believe in the power of arts to bridge the emotional and rational, creating lasting social impact and a more humane future. To allow this to happen they seek to engage and connect individuals from different backgrounds, to build an international community of change-makers. We were glad to produce an entire new digital network to help communicate and expand this project.

We mapped the entire community on the website, so visitors could explore the many unexpected connections between different members, and make the most relevant connections to suit their needs.

"Art is not a mirror to reflect reality, but a hammer with which to break it" - Bertolt Brecht

Each page of the website starts with an inspirational quote that reflects the vision of the CAN, and encourages people to engage and become a an active part of  network that sees art as a catalyst for impact.

There were three key sections of the website to fulfil each of their main objectives as an organisation: 

Network (to connect) - Visually mapping whole community, and offering a networking tool to bring members together.

Knowledge (to enable by offering tools) - Sharing case studies and the art qualities the embody the values of the network.

Impact (to engage and inspire) - A showcase of stories that demonstrate the power of the arts and past successes of connections made through CAN.


I understand art as a way to...

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An exposure of the truth behind one of Europe’s largest-known cases of state-run phone hacking