Conversations on suicide

Breaking a taboo with the simple act of answering the phone

Conversations save lives. Every week in Catalonia 62 people attempt to end their own life, with suicide recognised as the number one cause of death among young people. But all too often we find that social taboos leave people to battle with their feelings alone, when mental health professionals as well as those who have attempted suicide agree that simply talking about it is the best way to prevent it.

Through combining art and data in a public space we set a platform for opening conversations around a topic that we don't have space for in everyday life. Without a reason these outdated stigmas go unchallenged, and we cannot use our shared space to reflect the social progress we believe in.

The portable cube holds 62 telephones waiting to be answered, and on the other end of the line we hear from those who have direct experience with this public health crisis, including medical professionals, survivors and their families. Each telephone represents a phone call that could save a life, and creates an intimate connection between the public and this ever present threat to society.

Conversations on Suicide

Do you find social taboos prevent you from discussing mental health?

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