Drip by Tweet

A voting system for the LAUS awards

The Audience LAUS Award is given each year to the most voted nominee for the FAD Awards of Design in Spain. The voting is usually made using Twitter, where everyone can vote for their favourite choice using a numerical code. The standards of participation are over 5,000 tweets.

A machine that makes visible the invisible

One of the most important things to work with was transparency: that's why we decided to create a real time interaction where you could see the ongoing process of the vote. The machine had 341 test tubes, each of them connected to one of the nominees. As soon as someone voted by tweeting for one of them, the machine sent a drop of liquid gold inside the specific test tube.

Towards a collective form of recognition

The whole system not only changed the process of voting but the award itself. Each one of the test tubes was given to the nominees transforming the old idea of one Audience Award; this time there were 371 different awards with their own proportion of audience votes. Drip-By-Tweet increased a voting process that used to have 5,000 tweets up to 23,000 tweets in one month. 371 awards were given to the best design projects in Spain.

Shedding light on hidden processes

The Drip-By-Tweet installation is an open system that serves to bring light to hidden processes, such as voting systems, and to re-think our relation with the digital world. This artifact can be synchronized with any kind of data interaction.

Drip by Tweet

Does open data help the world become more transparent?

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