Eat Act Impact

Interactive installations to inspire a new future for food.

An average person eats 85.000 times in their lifetime. That’s 85.000 opportunities to contribute to a system that directly shapes the environment around us. The exhibition Menja, Actua, Impacta (Eat, Act, Impact) stems from this idea and aims to change mindsets in a journey through different interactive experiences that reflect on food being a powerful leverage for transformation.

How can our food choices transform the world we live in?

Maybe a Collective Impact Calculator can help us answer such a complex question. The installation, a round room of mirrors, is a data-reactive piece that changes depending on the amount of people in the exhibition.

Using Counterest technology, the room is able to modify its contents providing tailor-made messages that speak directly to the visitors: What impact would every person in the room have if they didn’t eat meat for a year? How much CO2 could they save if they all shopped locally? How much waste could be prevented if they started recycling tomorrow? The Collective Impact Calculator is a living data experience that proves how joint action is linked to actual change.

What does the future of food look like to you?

The journey follows with a food market containing 14 different future food scenarios that are likely to happen in the coming years. In this context, we wanted to ask the visitors how plausible these scenarios are and how much impact they can have. This part of the exhibition is navigated digitally through a web-app that asks dichotomous questions and ends in a final screen that shows the data in real time on a dynamic visualisation and provides conclusions about the general perception of the visitors. 

Eat, Act, Impact

Would you eat a pizza made of insect flour?

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