I Stand For

Mapping the behaviour of the summer music festival lovers

We partnered with Beefeater to understand the attendants of two of the top Spanish music festivals (BBK and MadCool). Our goal was to learn how brands can connect with audiences better during such an unforgettable experience and how to make it fun and enjoyable, sparking conversations, listening and giving people a chance to express themselves. We created the I Stand For campaign for people to talk to Beefeater about their music taste, cultural heritage and ideals through online and offline devices (apps and Installations).

Transforming a 360º strategic brand campaign into an ethnographic research

The pre-campaign consisted of a tool that no other festival had at the time: a web-app that asked questions about life in general and festival life in particular and that created the perfect line-up for the festival goers (23,000 unique users) based on their music taste and behaviour at the festival.

The conversation was extended to the physical space during the festival with question-asking doors that surveyed people through Kinect technology (74,000 interactions), data-collecting-men that gathered answers through high-fives (26,000 interactions), 5  anthropologists per festival to conduct further qualitative analysis focused on behaviour, and the Beefeater village, a leisure area with activities.

The result was a win-win for both festival-goers, the festivals and Beefeater. While attendees found a tool to express themselves and have great fun, Beefeater understood how they could be useful for the 80s and 90s generations at festivals, becoming a good partner rather more than a sponsor only and we discovered how to identify spaces in which to place the brand in the future. The research, data and learnings were collected in an 80 page report delivered to Beefeater, while all data remained openly available through the website “We know you better than your mother”, offering easy to understand visualisations.

Turning abstract data into ceramic pottery creations