The Internet for All

New shared values for the internet we share

The internet as we know it today emerged at exponential speeds of growth, without a chance for us to consider how our ideal online existence might look. It’s a world in itself that we’ve moved to, without a government, rules or true social regulations. Unicef approached us looking for a way to communicate the ways in which the internet could be improved as a resource through developing aspects such as safety, equality and accessibility.

We put together a renewed manifesto that imagines an internet designed for all, promoting diversity and inclusion. This was to serve as a springboard for debate and consideration of the current state of the internet and inspire change about the potential online world we could live in.

We produced video and social media posts for Unicef’s tech partners and the public at large in the hope that we could better contextualise this internet for all, and motivate them to be part of it. This manifesto was built around six key values for a fairer internet: safe, open, humane, fair, diverse, accessible.

Internet for All

The growth of the internet has advanced...

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