The World Pulse

Capturing the heartbeat of the world

For the United Nations COP23 Summit, we partnered with Western Digital to create a system that could collect real time data and comments from all social networks about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We wanted to transform data into a feeling that could be sensed, touched and heard; if we were able to make people understand the fact that it’s only our care about those urgent goals that will make a change, we could turn the installation into a real impact creator.

How concerned is the world about the most urgent issues around humanity?

All the collected data was then transformed into one heartbeat per goal; the screens visualized every social media mention around that matter and would create a new peak in its lifeline, while the touchable sphere that represented the Earth would vibrate. This way, it was possible to understand how alive each goal was and how much impact these 17 SDGs had on the world. The World Pulse turned out to be an installation where data, emotions and knowledge came together.

The World Pulse

What issue do you believe is more urgent to tackle?

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