Agora Viva

A video conference system to make digital meetings more human

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a huge change in face to face communication; in fact, for a long time, it has made them impossible due to social distancing measures. At Domestic Data Streamers we had to, for months, shift into working from home. Agora Viva is the result of this situation.

This digital product was our approach to digital meetings that usually lacked humanity. Our aim has been to humanize these online gatherings by adding data to them, to assure that everyone gets an equal share of talking time, or could react to what others would say.

The world is definitely opening to a new scenario in which communications will change day by day; we have to rethink the way we create digital discussion forums to make them as equal and human as possible.  

Agora Viva

Will online communication ever beat face-to-face conversation?

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