Intemperie - Antigona

An installation to defy ethics and spark conversations about homelessness

Homelessness is an issue that every big city is facing today. However, as this is a topic that is overlooked, and due to several devastating periods of economic crisis, the number of homeless people on the streets is growing.

This was the perfect spot for us to place our Antigona installation, which is a scale like sculpture that can be intervened by the audience. They can answer the central question of the piece, always an ethically and morally challenging one, by placing a little weight on one of the two answers of choice. 

This time, at the Intemperie event, we asked people if they thought whether a good conversation or a good meal was more important for a homeless person, or if drug abuse had happened before or after becoming homeless. We wanted to break social misconceptions about the topic and make an impact to create good social action by connection through an empathetic channel with the people’s stories.

Intemperie - Antigona

What do you think is more valuable to a homeless person?

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A combination of data and empathy to talk about public healthcare