Alive - Casa Seat

The soul of the new SEAT concept store

Right at the heart of Barcelona, SEAT has opened its brand new concept store Casa Seat, which is designed to become a stimulating meeting point where ideas are exchanged and solutions for the future of mobility and cities are defined. 

For the entrance space, SEAT was looking for an interactive installation that allowed them to display data about Barcelona in a relatable way. Following their brief, Domestic Data Streamers created Alive, an iconic character that welcomes visitors into the store and interacts with them, representing the unique movement and rhythm of the city by processing valuable data in real time.

Alive is a three dimensional video sculpture that represents the dynamic and ever-surprising environment of Barcelona. We sketched a character that would be visually impacting and consistent with the innovative SEAT identity; the team brought the character to life by developing a 3D tool that would limit its morphology and moves, so that it changes in each interaction, but according to fixed aesthetic parameters.

Alive is able to detect, by using Kinect cameras, when a visitor of Casa Seat approaches the screen. When this happens, Alive welcomes the visitors and runs them briefly through the latest data of the city in a friendly and simple way. Interactions with visitors involve dancing and taking a selfie together. 

The data that the character represents, symbolizing the rhythm of Barcelona, is based on 3 main axes: ‘Beat’, that informs on how the city moves based on data about traffic and mobility; ‘Mood’, which indicates how the city feels using data related to the season, like temperature; and ‘Sound’, which represents what the city hears and says collecting and representing data about music, tweets, events and celebrations.

Alive connects visitors to the city, while prompting engagement, bringing physical traffic into Casa Seat.

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