Things change, but I want to live at my place

Sparking conversations on how to support our elders

A street intervention about how to do better for the older generations, and ensure they maintain their independence. We recreated an entire apartment on one of the main boulevards in the Barcelona suburb of l'Hospitalet to inspire passersby to talk about and consider how they can support older members of the community who might be living alone.

"Things change, but I want to live at my place"

To make a house a home takes many years, memories, loved ones, traditions. In this sense it is no wonder that senior citizens who live alone still want to be in their home and retain their independence.

To communicate this to those who came across our piece we filled the apartment with furniture that was marked with information and data regarding the lifestyle and reality experienced by their older neighbours.

"In l'Hospitalet, 3 out of 10 people with some degree of dependency live alone."

An audio recording of Maria, the lone resident of the flat, guided visitors around the objects within. Detailing exactly what they mean to her, we understand better the experience of living alone with some mobility issues, and how everyday activities like banking have become less accessible for those who may not be comfortable using apps and websites.

Before leaving the house, visitors could take a print out with specific actions to support older members of the local community like Maria better - as family, neighbours or professionals.


The public response was remarkable, and in just one day we impacted many visitors of all ages who stopped by on a chilly November weekday to discuss the topic with us, and share their own experiences.

We are always amazed to see the impact our work can have when we bring data interactions to the public space, where those who might not necessarily visit a museum or exhibition space can have a chance to get involved. It's so important that everyone is able to take part in these conversations on social issues within their own community.


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