Sapiens: Understanding to Create

How to visualise the process of chef and creator Ferran Adrià

Ferran Adrià is known to be one of the biggest creatives of the world of cooking; he flipped understandings of this discipline upside down. Since he started his career, he has pursued innovation to reach the Holy Grail of understanding; he has named this thorough process “Sapiens”, a way to understand reality through breaking it into very small units of comprehension. 

In fact, this was the motto: “understanding to create”, as in, a methodology to detangle an entire process in order to learn about every step and, that way, create to build. 

CosmoCaixa Barcelona, the biggest science museum of the city, asked us to help visualise this complex idea and make it accessible to the general public. We made the topics relatable by splitting the exhibition in two parts: the first one explained Sapiens to the general public through data visualisation, and the second one was entirely made up of content created by the visitors themselves. This division created a space of dialogue, in which visitors could have their say about this particular way of looking at the world. 


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