The Analog Museum of Digital Inequality

Illustrating the impact of the digital divide

In a moment when technological inequality is one of the great challenges ahead of us, BIT Habitat, a non-profit organization fostering urban innovation based in Barcelona, challenged us to explain the digital divide through data.

To depict this reality, we created the Analog Museum of Digital Inequality: a collection of reinterpreted classical art pieces that integrate data to show the digital divide as a social, educational, generational and gender-based issue.

An art collection with
integrated data

From a "Rosetta Stone 2.0" that points out how the tech language has long been an obstacle for older adults to access technology, to a "Map of inequality" that shows the uneven distribution of Internet access across the world - the narrative emphasizes how urgent it is to put our efforts towards democratizing technology.

The Analog Museum

There will be a larger digital distance between us and...

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